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[cincopa AkHA0XadYsdc]A mucho grande shout out to JOSE CUERVO for making an especially scary night for all my friends and I.  Followed by an especially scary morning.

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Surfing Magazine Feature

November 2010 issue of Surfing Magazine

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Surf & Model Gallery



I’ve lagged a little on my last blog post for Spain. Mainly because of the lack of internet over seas, but also because my computer was on the fritz and had a serious power meltdown. The last leg of our Europe trip was Pantin Spain! After an awesome week in Italy and a flat spell in the Azores I was seriously ready for some surf. We had a super cute little house up on the hill that overlooked the contest, and even though we didn’t score super great waves we still had an amazing time… Check out the video for proof! ~ ENJOY ~

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~ Viva Italia ~

So after a super eventful week in the Azores, we headed off to Italy. Unfortunately it was way more of a mission than the video alludes. We missed flights, barley caught trains and just about stumbled over every piece of baggage that we had with us.  See the rest of this entry »

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Azores 2

Here is hanging in the Azores Part II: Like I said before, we were having too much fun and way too much action to cram into one single video post. More fun nights; bowling, site seeing and other stupid stuff.  These videos include, but are not limited with the following guest appearances: ME, Rosy Hodge, Sage, Erikson, Laura Enever, Josh Kerr, Jay Davies, Jay Quinn, Megan Hosseini, Naje Malamed, Alana Blanchard, Bethany Hamilton and many more,  thanks to all for the great times in Portugal!

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So we came for a surf contest / surf trip to the Azore Islands in Portugal. The surf has been unsuccessful, heat wise and training wise… in other words DEAD FLAT! But our sight seeing tourist shoes have been in full throttle with not stop action. Of all places to come without waves we have not had one boring moment to spare… check out the fun, and this is only the half way marker!  ~CHECK OUT PICTURES HERE~

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