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Gold Coast Randomness

So I completely forgot to film anything and everything during my 2 week stay on the Gold Coast. But I managed to muster up a few clips of my friends and I with some beautiful beach days. But not even this short video sums up how much fun it actually was.

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The Shorties vs. White Mambas

I hosted a little game of ‘Gestures’ on a rainy windy night on the Gold Coast.  The Shorties = Mitch Crews, Keanu Asing, Jack Freestone, Aj Collins, Eric Tomlinson and John Fisher.  While the White Mambas = ME, Megan Moss, Jemma Morgan and Bianca Peters. Ww all woke up with sore stomachs we laughed so hard!!!

Snapper Surf Club Jam

Made it to Australia and didn’t waste anytime finding out the haps down unda!  I hung out at the Burleigh contest all day watching the boys rip, snuck a fun surf in down the beach, witnessed some confrontational drama go down in the water with Sunny, Jeremy and an unfortunate other, let’s just say he will need a band-aide or two, then raced back to Rainbow Bay to meet up with friends and jam at the Snapper Surfriders Club for Matt Hoy’s Birthday!  What a fun day~

OC Weekly Shoot: Behind the Scenes

sooooo the OC Weekly called me up and asked if I wanted to be featured in their ‘sex issue.’   Skeptical at first, they re-assured it was ‘sexiest people’ issue for Orange County.  I think I said ‘yes’ in what I thought was a normal volume phone voice (I was told otherwise) haha!  Extremely flattered and very excited for the shoot, I hung up and drove to the gym. :-P

2 days before the issue came out they informed me that I was going to be on the COVER!  So thank you OC Weekly for all the support and working with the amazing  Star Foreman, you are a great photographer.  Check out the behind the scenes action with some photos that didn’t get printed.

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90210 Filming

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On the set of 90210 in the 92648 aka HB South SIDE!

A recap of a long grueling day on the beach surfing, filming, eating amazing food and meetings the cast and crew of 90210. Gosh my life is hard sometimes. :-D  The episode airs sometime in April, so make sure you tune into the CW and see if you can spot me doubling for the lead girl “IVY.”

Cocktail Bubby Holly Daze

Happy 2011 everyone, we made it!  I’m a little behind on the posts (as usual) but here you can check out a quick recap of my Christmas ‘Tis the season to get sloppy’ party and a few pics that ended 2010 at a fun filled masquerade party.  And NO, a little kid did not make my mask.  This is what happens when you give me glue and feathers! haha.  If you want to see all the pictures                     *Album One and Album Two*

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-My News Years Resolution for Where’s Erica? twenty eleven is to add more content, more often with regular updates so please please please don’t stop checking it out.  First stop of the year is January 11th.  My only hint is that it’s someplace warm and tropical, but I’m going to make you check back in to find out the final destination.

American Family Christmas Party

Attire was:  ‘George Costanza’s holiday wardrobe’

I don’t think we got it right, but the party was still a success. I got to play catch up with Sagey since she’s been gone in Hawaii for a month!!!  Next week = Xmas Cocktail party at my house.  Stay tuned for pics!

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