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I’m here in Europe competing in the last two events of the year. One WQS in Spain and the other in Portugal. We had 5 days in-between comps, and it was the easiest decision of my life on where to go. MUNICH MUNICH MUNICH! The only regret and tip to other Oktoberfesters: Do NOT do the roller coaster rides after visiting the beer houses. Such a rookie mistake!!! Here’s the haps of my ALL TIME trip to Germany, I will definitely be returning.

Newport Beach Magazine




Bo-Derek “TEN” Shoot

I got my white girl corn row look going on for a Bo Derek inspired photo shoot in Santa Monica for Defy Magazine.  It was a brutal 4 hours of braiding, not to mention some tedious bead work in the car racing to catch the last light before Sunset, but it was a success. Tommy Garcia took some awesome photos and I couldn’t be more pleased with the spread. Check out the pics below that ran in the Summer 2011 Issue of Defy!

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Parlez – Vous Français ?

The Hossegor Swatch Pro was ON in France. I traveled over with Sage Erickson who ended up placing 2nd overall in the event (woohoo). The waves were pretty junky for most of the trip and it was way colder than I would have liked, (never again will I NOT pack my 4/3) but we always have fun regardless.  We are off to Portugal next, so stay tuned for some more action!

Baby-G Australia Shoot

My Baby-G Shoot from early this year when I was kickin it on the Gold Coast of Australia for 2 months.  The Casio Crew came out and we were able to get surf clips, photos and all this awesome footage for the Baby-G Commercial.  Thanks Nate Lee of TINSTAAFL Productions for an awesome job putting together this video!

VQS Championships

YEW! I got 2nd in the VQS Championship right at my local break at 54th st. in Newport Beach.  I sat and waited patiently with my fingers crossed that there would be a no-show and I could snag the alternate wildcard slot.  And lucky for me, heat #3 came around and I was in.  A special shout out to the Volcom crew for the love and support. They always put on the most fun event all year, and this time is was Glam Rock themed and a blast as usual. I walked away with 2G’s and bucket load of prizes!!! Check out the fun weekend


I’m in Bali…sue me!

Kickin it in Bali with some of my new found friends. Mitch Crews, Bianca Peters, Jack Freestone, Brent Savage, Damea Dorsey, Rosy Hodge and Sasha Spex… Such a fun crew and such a fun time. 4 days on Nusa Lembongan Island and 7 Days in Bali and EVERYDAY on a scooter!!!