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I finally ventured out of my Newport Beach bubble and did a mid-week vaca down to SD.  I was able to gather a few amigos and stay a night down south in a beautiful spot in Mission Beach.  The crew over at Luv Surf San Diego  hooked us up with such a fun spot.  We got a fun little surf in at Scripps Beach to start the day, then hit up the Suja Juice factory and got the full rundown… (more…)

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Oakley ~ Bali

A little student-teacher time with Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene on a beautiful island of off bali called Nusa Lembongan.  Sage Erickson and I caught up with these girls and taught them a thing or two at the Oakley Learn to Ride Bali during the Oakley Pro.  Clearly we had a blast, check it out!

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Hanging on da North Shore Bra!

Hanging on the North Shore of Oahu, watching the Triple Crown go down and having fun with all my amigos at the Oakley Pad!




“What’s Wrong with This Photo”?!

I was starting to scrapbook by trip to Europe this summer for a family Christmas gathering and came across this pic. I can’t believe I never noticed it before.


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[cincopa AkHA0XadYsdc]A mucho grande shout out to JOSE CUERVO for making an especially scary night for all my friends and I.  Followed by an especially scary morning.

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Europe Part 3

So I’ve been lagging a little on my blog videos considering I’ve been home, re-packed and have already landed in another country. But I’ve finally found some time here in Nicaragua while it’s windy to put together my France footage for you guys to check out, so here’s some clips of all us girls in Hossegor, cruising town and hangin at the comp site!


Gudang Interview

Just found out that the Gudauskas Boys are staying right next door to my pad on the Gold Coast, so I snuck over for some laughs and then we cooked up a mean BBQ chicken dinner.

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Burleigh and Bowling

For another rainy filled day, we are making the most of it. We hit up Burleigh Heads for a quick surf session in the a.m. followed by a mean bowling session in the p.m. Im not claiming any bowling skills here, but I did come awfully close to taking out Mr. J.Smith himself.

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