San Miguel Island, Azores

We ended our awesome Euro trip back in the Azores Islands in Portugal.  And once again, it didn’t let us down. We hit up the hot springs, did another bike tour and got one epic day of surf for the contest.  What a great way to end the 2011 WQS season.  But not to worry, there are many posts that remain to be seen.  I am still going Hawaii this winter, along with all the never ending Christmas parties there is still a ton of action left in the year, so stay tuned!

Surfin’ n Spain

After hauling way to much luggage through the airport, all of which I did NOT wear since it was FRIGID, we then shoved our 5 suitcases and board bag into the mini toaster of a rent-a-car just to get lost on a 7 hour drive from Lisbon.  Fortunately, my mom and I arrived safe and sound to Pantin, Spain!  Here’s what went down…


I’m here in Europe competing in the last two events of the year. One WQS in Spain and the other in Portugal. We had 5 days in-between comps, and it was the easiest decision of my life on where to go. MUNICH MUNICH MUNICH! The only regret and tip to other Oktoberfesters: Do NOT do the roller coaster rides after visiting the beer houses. Such a rookie mistake!!! Here’s the haps of my ALL TIME trip to Germany, I will definitely be returning.

Parlez – Vous Français ?

The Hossegor Swatch Pro was ON in France. I traveled over with Sage Erickson who ended up placing 2nd overall in the event (woohoo). The waves were pretty junky for most of the trip and it was way colder than I would have liked, (never again will I NOT pack my 4/3) but we always have fun regardless.  We are off to Portugal next, so stay tuned for some more action!

“What’s Wrong with This Photo”?!

I was starting to scrapbook by trip to Europe this summer for a family Christmas gathering and came across this pic. I can’t believe I never noticed it before.

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I’ve lagged a little on my last blog post for Spain. Mainly because of the lack of internet over seas, but also because my computer was on the fritz and had a serious power meltdown. The last leg of our Europe trip was Pantin Spain! After an awesome week in Italy and a flat spell in the Azores I was seriously ready for some surf. We had a super cute little house up on the hill that overlooked the contest, and even though we didn’t score super great waves we still had an amazing time… Check out the video for proof! ~ ENJOY ~

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~ Viva Italia ~

So after a super eventful week in the Azores, we headed off to Italy. Unfortunately it was way more of a mission than the video alludes. We missed flights, barley caught trains and just about stumbled over every piece of baggage that we had with us.  See the rest of this entry »

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Azores 2

Here is hanging in the Azores Part II: Like I said before, we were having too much fun and way too much action to cram into one single video post. More fun nights; bowling, site seeing and other stupid stuff.  These videos include, but are not limited with the following guest appearances: ME, Rosy Hodge, Sage, Erikson, Laura Enever, Josh Kerr, Jay Davies, Jay Quinn, Megan Hosseini, Naje Malamed, Alana Blanchard, Bethany Hamilton and many more,  thanks to all for the great times in Portugal!

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So we came for a surf contest / surf trip to the Azore Islands in Portugal. The surf has been unsuccessful, heat wise and training wise… in other words DEAD FLAT! But our sight seeing tourist shoes have been in full throttle with not stop action. Of all places to come without waves we have not had one boring moment to spare… check out the fun, and this is only the half way marker!  ~CHECK OUT PICTURES HERE~

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Nicaragua with Body Glove

Body Glove flew us on down to Nicaragua for a little fun in the sun time to get surf and lifestyle shots. I picked up a tan / sunburn on my way out and we got to check out Holly Beck’s new home.  To sum up the trip: Cheyne Magnusson, Maria Gonzalez, Holly B and I all sweated it out in the 90% humidity, surfing all day in bath water and made some interesting creepy crawler friends for 5 days

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Europe Part 3

So I’ve been lagging a little on my blog videos considering I’ve been home, re-packed and have already landed in another country. But I’ve finally found some time here in Nicaragua while it’s windy to put together my France footage for you guys to check out, so here’s some clips of all us girls in Hossegor, cruising town and hangin at the comp site!


Europe Part 2

We didn’t have long to adjust to jet lag, unpack or let alone wax and fin up our boards before the contest started.   First stop was checking in at the comp site and then —- well,  you’ll see what else happens through out the day!

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Europe Part 1

Trains, Planes and Automobiles…add a smart car and a luggage cart to the mix, and you have summed up the 24 hours it took me and my two BBF’s on tour (Clair and Sage) to get to Europe. It was a mission as usual, but ALWAYS FUN 🙂

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