Family trip to Uruguay

I kick started 2012 with a little trip to South America.  My dad just bought a nice chunk of land down in Uruguay and he spoiled the family by taking all of us (+ some) down to Uruguay to check it out.  This is my first time in this beautiful country and I will definitely be going back. I would also like to give a big shout out to everyone who welcomed us with open arms at Zanja Honda in La Paloma and Marco for being such an awesome tour guide, chauffeur and translator 🙂  Here’s a video of our awesome crew and fun time we encountered!

Europe Part 2
Europe Part 1
Heading to West Oz
I'm in Bali...sue me!

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  1. Maui says:

    La Paloma is sooo cool.
    Did you go up the lighthouse? Its really nice.

    But to catch some waves is kind a hard…. I was lucky at the time… but sometimes the exposure is bad.

    Hast la Victoria Siempre

    You Sector 9 Buddy from abroad

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