Bo-Derek “TEN” Shoot

I got my white girl corn row look going on for a Bo Derek inspired photo shoot in Santa Monica for Defy Magazine.  It was a brutal 4 hours of braiding, not to mention some tedious bead work in the car racing to catch the last light before Sunset, but it was a success. Tommy Garcia took some awesome photos and I couldn’t be more pleased with the spread. Check out the pics below that ran in the Summer 2011 Issue of Defy!


"What's Wrong with This Photo"?!
Cocktail Bubby Holly Daze
VQS Championships
San Miguel Island, Azores

2 Responses to Bo-Derek “TEN” Shoot

  1. kirk maillet says:

    the old girl is same age as ME i’m completely sure she would love these shOts U r a vision & the smArtness of ur render trueLY amAzEs ME.. ur goNNa rule the world keep UP the FAB grOOvy ERICAnation

  2. messi says:

    hi erica u are very nice & sexy girl I LOVE U erica

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