A day with Kip Moore

I got to hang out with Oakley Entertainment’s Music Artist Kip Moore in San Diego for a fun day of surfing and skating. Got to show him the sites and got a sneak peak into his world. Check out a little behind the scenes video:

Sundance Film Festival

Another successful and extremely fun year at the Sundance Film Festival with Oakley for the Learn to Ride.  I love starting the  year off with a bang, and this trip was definitely that!

Summer in Bali

I went to Bali this summer for 3 and a half weeks.  The first week was with Oakley which was a previous post for the LTR (check it out)  And this week was for a Baby-G Shoot.  It was so much fun and I can’t thank Casio enough for this amazingly fun trip!

Oakley ~ Bali

A little student-teacher time with Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene on a beautiful island of off bali called Nusa Lembongan.  Sage Erickson and I caught up with these girls and taught them a thing or two at the Oakley Learn to Ride Bali during the Oakley Pro.  Clearly we had a blast, check it out!


Kicking off the 2013 WQS Tour down under.  And it was fun times….as expected!

China ISA World Surfing Games

Words cannot describe my recent trip to China for The Hainan Wanning Riyue Bay International Surfing Festival.  It was by far the craziest, most interesting & bizarre trips I’ve EVER been on.  The travel, the food, the waves (or lack there of) the culture and the people was such a crazy experience.  This is a trip I will NEVER forget, and this two minute 31 second video doesn’t do it justice, but it comes close. ENJOY!


Another awesome year at the Sundance Film Festival with Oakley. Having fun, running wild in the snow and teaching people how to board.  Couldn’t imagine starting 2013 off any other way!


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I’m in Miami Bitch!

Oakley launched their 2013 swim line and I was lucky enough to get to shake my booty and strut down the run-way for the first ever preview during Mercedes Benz Fashion Swim Week in Miami. (Oh-my-butterflies!)  I also got to fly out a few days early for the Oakley / Muscle Milk Fitness Retreat to help teach the Stand Up Paddle board classes.  Here’s what went down before the fashion show, after the fashion show and all the crazy messy haps in-between.  Thanks to Oakley I will never be able to top a trip to Miami…

Baby-G Hawaii Shoot

A 3 day photo-shoot on the North & South Shore of Oahu, Hawaii for Baby-G Watches. We only got small waves for one hour each day so we had very little to work with. But the outcome of the photo-shoot and the video are amazing and I had a blast being able to bring my Mom to help out and stay in Hawaii for a long weekend getaway. Here’s two videos and a bunch of photos from the trip. They were long days…. but someone’s gotta do it #ilovemylife 🙂

                                                            PHOTO GALLERY :


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Access Hollywood Feature

A quick spot on Access Hollywood from Miami Fashion Swim Week where we launched the new Oakley Women’s Swimwear and I walked the runway show!

Napa Valley w/ Oakley

Oakley hosted a fitness / wine tasting getaway in Napa Valley to preview their new 2013 Active Wear and Sunglasses.  These amazing 2 days were actioned packed.  We got to do a 5k run through the vineyards, hike through the backcountry, sit in on a health cooking class at the Culinary Institute, and thanks to Trek Bikes we got to do a long bike tour to three beautiful wineries. And to top it all off, I got to meet and bond with over 100 girls from all sorts of fitness and health magazines, websites and blogs. Best Weekend EVER! Check out the fun…


Better late then never (once again) sorry for extremely lagging. I became very overwhelmed with all the footage I managed to collect over my two month stint in Australia and finally put this together. It’s a compilation of my trip starting in Manly going to the Goldy Coast back down to Sydney and then finishing off over in West Oz. As usual, it was an amazing trip and I can’t wait to do it all over again next year. Stay tuned for some fun videos this summer. I will be posting more regularly (I promise 😎  ) Enjoy!

STAB Magazine Video

A behind the scenes look at a cover-shoot that I did for STAB Magazine’s special hard book issue, shot by Tyler William Parker in Venice, California.





Boarding with Oakley @ Sundance

A fun little weekend at the Sundance Film Festival for Oakley’s Learn to Ride Program.  We got to teach celebs how to board, attend some fun parties and scored Utah’s first fresh snow of the year.  It was my first time to Park City and I will most definitely be going back! Check out the scene.

Family trip to Uruguay

I kick started 2012 with a little trip to South America.  My dad just bought a nice chunk of land down in Uruguay and he spoiled the family by taking all of us (+ some) down to Uruguay to check it out.  This is my first time in this beautiful country and I will definitely be going back. I would also like to give a big shout out to everyone who welcomed us with open arms at Zanja Honda in La Paloma and Marco for being such an awesome tour guide, chauffeur and translator 🙂  Here’s a video of our awesome crew and fun time we encountered!

Hanging on da North Shore Bra!

Hanging on the North Shore of Oahu, watching the Triple Crown go down and having fun with all my amigos at the Oakley Pad!



San Miguel Island, Azores

We ended our awesome Euro trip back in the Azores Islands in Portugal.  And once again, it didn’t let us down. We hit up the hot springs, did another bike tour and got one epic day of surf for the contest.  What a great way to end the 2011 WQS season.  But not to worry, there are many posts that remain to be seen.  I am still going Hawaii this winter, along with all the never ending Christmas parties there is still a ton of action left in the year, so stay tuned!

Surfin’ n Spain

After hauling way to much luggage through the airport, all of which I did NOT wear since it was FRIGID, we then shoved our 5 suitcases and board bag into the mini toaster of a rent-a-car just to get lost on a 7 hour drive from Lisbon.  Fortunately, my mom and I arrived safe and sound to Pantin, Spain!  Here’s what went down…


I’m here in Europe competing in the last two events of the year. One WQS in Spain and the other in Portugal. We had 5 days in-between comps, and it was the easiest decision of my life on where to go. MUNICH MUNICH MUNICH! The only regret and tip to other Oktoberfesters: Do NOT do the roller coaster rides after visiting the beer houses. Such a rookie mistake!!! Here’s the haps of my ALL TIME trip to Germany, I will definitely be returning.

Parlez – Vous Français ?

The Hossegor Swatch Pro was ON in France. I traveled over with Sage Erickson who ended up placing 2nd overall in the event (woohoo). The waves were pretty junky for most of the trip and it was way colder than I would have liked, (never again will I NOT pack my 4/3) but we always have fun regardless.  We are off to Portugal next, so stay tuned for some more action!

Baby-G Australia Shoot

My Baby-G Shoot from early this year when I was kickin it on the Gold Coast of Australia for 2 months.  The Casio Crew came out and we were able to get surf clips, photos and all this awesome footage for the Baby-G Commercial.  Thanks Nate Lee of TINSTAAFL Productions for an awesome job putting together this video!

VQS Championships

YEW! I got 2nd in the VQS Championship right at my local break at 54th st. in Newport Beach.  I sat and waited patiently with my fingers crossed that there would be a no-show and I could snag the alternate wildcard slot.  And lucky for me, heat #3 came around and I was in.  A special shout out to the Volcom crew for the love and support. They always put on the most fun event all year, and this time is was Glam Rock themed and a blast as usual. I walked away with 2G’s and bucket load of prizes!!! Check out the fun weekend

I’m in Bali…sue me!

Kickin it in Bali with some of my new found friends. Mitch Crews, Bianca Peters, Jack Freestone, Brent Savage, Damea Dorsey, Rosy Hodge and Sasha Spex… Such a fun crew and such a fun time. 4 days on Nusa Lembongan Island and 7 Days in Bali and EVERYDAY on a scooter!!!

Gold Coast Randomness

So I completely forgot to film anything and everything during my 2 week stay on the Gold Coast. But I managed to muster up a few clips of my friends and I with some beautiful beach days. But not even this short video sums up how much fun it actually was.

[cincopa AcLAOiqo2pZ4]

The Shorties vs. White Mambas

I hosted a little game of ‘Gestures’ on a rainy windy night on the Gold Coast.  The Shorties = Mitch Crews, Keanu Asing, Jack Freestone, Aj Collins, Eric Tomlinson and John Fisher.  While the White Mambas = ME, Megan Moss, Jemma Morgan and Bianca Peters. Ww all woke up with sore stomachs we laughed so hard!!!

Snapper Surf Club Jam

Made it to Australia and didn’t waste anytime finding out the haps down unda!  I hung out at the Burleigh contest all day watching the boys rip, snuck a fun surf in down the beach, witnessed some confrontational drama go down in the water with Sunny, Jeremy and an unfortunate other, let’s just say he will need a band-aide or two, then raced back to Rainbow Bay to meet up with friends and jam at the Snapper Surfriders Club for Matt Hoy’s Birthday!  What a fun day~

OC Weekly Shoot: Behind the Scenes

sooooo the OC Weekly called me up and asked if I wanted to be featured in their ‘sex issue.’   Skeptical at first, they re-assured it was ‘sexiest people’ issue for Orange County.  I think I said ‘yes’ in what I thought was a normal volume phone voice (I was told otherwise) haha!  Extremely flattered and very excited for the shoot, I hung up and drove to the gym. 😛

2 days before the issue came out they informed me that I was going to be on the COVER!  So thank you OC Weekly for all the support and working with the amazing  Star Foreman, you are a great photographer.  Check out the behind the scenes action with some photos that didn’t get printed.

[cincopa AAPAZdaPfWsM]


I’ve lagged a little on my last blog post for Spain. Mainly because of the lack of internet over seas, but also because my computer was on the fritz and had a serious power meltdown. The last leg of our Europe trip was Pantin Spain! After an awesome week in Italy and a flat spell in the Azores I was seriously ready for some surf. We had a super cute little house up on the hill that overlooked the contest, and even though we didn’t score super great waves we still had an amazing time… Check out the video for proof! ~ ENJOY ~

~ Viva Italia ~

So after a super eventful week in the Azores, we headed off to Italy. Unfortunately it was way more of a mission than the video alludes. We missed flights, barley caught trains and just about stumbled over every piece of baggage that we had with us.  See the rest of this entry »

Azores 2

Here is hanging in the Azores Part II: Like I said before, we were having too much fun and way too much action to cram into one single video post. More fun nights; bowling, site seeing and other stupid stuff.  These videos include, but are not limited with the following guest appearances: ME, Rosy Hodge, Sage, Erikson, Laura Enever, Josh Kerr, Jay Davies, Jay Quinn, Megan Hosseini, Naje Malamed, Alana Blanchard, Bethany Hamilton and many more,  thanks to all for the great times in Portugal!