Boarding with Oakley @ Sundance

A fun little weekend at the Sundance Film Festival for Oakley’s Learn to Ride Program.  We got to teach celebs how to board, attend some fun parties and scored Utah’s first fresh snow of the year.  It was my first time to Park City and I will most definitely be going back! Check out the scene.

Snapper Comp
~ Viva Italia ~
Lake Tahoe
A day with Kip Moore

2 Responses to Boarding with Oakley @ Sundance

  1. Reza Kh says:

    salam aval az hame tabrik hala nmidunm vas chi
    dovom dovomisho dge nmidunm
    khoshal misham bhm sar bzni
    age hm ok dadi bahm tabadolm konim
    rasti alon kojayi????

  2. katie says:

    Muwah-haaa- ha! Love it, he’s totally getting joint ready on the chairlift!!

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