My full name is Erica Rae Hosseini. I’m a 5’10” blonde hair, blue eyed goofy foot surfer from Newport Beach, California. I was born on May 24, 1987. I have an older brother Tyler and a younger sister Megan. In my younger years I split my time between Lake Tahoe and Newport Beach. My parents are very athletic and I have always been very competitive with my brother so I had an early introduction into a variety of sports. My mom, a former ski instructor taught me to ski when I was two, and at age four I was water skiing and mountain biking. When school time came, we made a permanent move to Newport and I officially became a tomboy. I played every ball sport imaginable; soccer, baseball, basketball, volley ball, and even lacrosse. Although we lived on the beach I only surfed occasionally. It wasn’t until I was eleven and got my own surfboard that I started surfing regularly.

At thirteen I started competing in the NSSA (National Scholastic Surfing Association). I struggled the first year never making it out of a single heat. The next year I figured out how to compete and started winning events. In April 2002 on a whim I entered the Foster’s Cup at Lower Trestles. It was my first pro event and I had nothing to lose. I was slowly advancing heat by heat and before I knew it I was in the final. I finished 2nd, and at age fourteen I broke the world record by becoming the youngest surfer, male or female to make it to a final of an ASP pro event. To top it off, I won $900. This event gave me a lot of media exposure and helped me a lot with sponsorships. The following year I worked even harder. My mom would drive me down to Trestles at 5:00 am before school so I could practice for Nationals. That year (2003) I won 5 NSSA titles; Southwest Open Conference, Explorer Conference, Regionals, and went on to win the NSSA National Open Women’s Title and The Governor’s Cup. Some of my other results since then have been:

  • Fosters Cup – 3rd
  • National Open Women – 2nd
  • OP Pro – 1st
  • ISA Jr. World Championships, Tahiti – Bronze Medal 3rd
  • Volcom Championships – 1st
  • Target Pro Jr. -3rd
  • Roxy Pro Jr. – 1st
  • Volcom Championships – 1st
  • Volcom Championships – 2nd
  • Pantin Spain – ASP Quarterfinals – 5th
  • Budlight Lime Pro – 4th
  • Association Pro Surfing Series – 1st
  • Association Pro Surfing Series (event #3)  – 2nd
  • APSS – Championship Winner

When I’m not surfing there are a number of things I may be doing, first thing is probably eating. My favorite food is Sushi, not counting Fro-Yo of course. For the most part I try to eat healthy and keep fit. I workout at the gym, take runs on the beach and play tennis as often as I can and run after my extremely hyper puppy ”Astro.” (@astrothefrenchy)

I recently started my own surf accessories company called SYMPL SUPPLY CO. and have been giving that my full time attention as of late. You can check it out – Running a new business is a great new venture in my life and something I’ve always wanted to do after I stopped competing full time. So now I am so grateful to have the luxury to still surf everyday and any time I want and be my own boss in the business world! I am very excited to see what the next 10 years brings and what I accomplish!

If you want to know more or reach out, please contact me at or go to the contact page of my website.